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We are capable of developing a tailored curriculum that aligns with your specific requirements and budgetary considerations.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any inquiries.

We've had the pleasure of collaborating

with these wonderful partners and entities.

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team bonding ideas sydney
workshop ideas sydney
workshop ideas sydney
workshop ideas sydney
team building ideas sydney
workshop ideas sydney

Community centres

Casula Powerhouse Art Centre

We've conducted two sessions for this workshop, with 20 youths in each session. They learned how to create a little dog using needle felting, and all of the kids had amazing outcomes!

Korean Culture Centre

We've hosted several workshops with the Korean Culture Centre every year, featuring activities such as painting cakes, dessert making, glow & art, and creating Korean lacquerware keychains. Participants ranging from 4 to 60 years old have thoroughly enjoyed our workshops!

workshop ideas sydney

Gordon Library

We've hosted dessert-making workshops for the past two years to celebrate the Lunar New Year at this beautiful library, once in the morning under the sunshine, and once in the evening with drinks!

Get creative at your local library and community centre with our art and cooking workshops!

Stanmore  Library

We hosted a 'Korean Knot Key Chain Making' workshop at this charming library. Participants learned how to create two different types of knots, and everyone showed great enthusiasm for learning.

workshop ideas sydney

Ashfield Library

We've hosted dessert making classes for kids, where they crafted adorable animal shapes and personalized their own desserts. Every child created their own excellent dessert, taking home not only their creations but also joy and happiness.


We've hosted Dog Keychain Making workshops with the Pinterest team and their clients, where participants delighted in the opportunity to create their own miniature dog faces. The experience was thoroughly enjoyed by all, resulting in amazing outcomes.


We've conducted Dog Key chain Making workshops in collaboration with the Classbento team. Participants relished the chance to craft their own miniature dog faces, resulting in an enjoyable experience for all with fantastic outcomes.

team bonding ideas sydney

Team-Building Activity

Build bonds and boost morale with our dynamic

team-building workshops!


Book our exclusive

art workshops to elevate

your customers' creative experience at your store!

Westfield Burwood

We've conducted a Dessert Making for Kids workshop at Westfield for their clientele. All tickets sold out quickly! The children had a blast crafting adorable animal-shaped desserts and relished tasting their creations right away!

We recently hosted a travel drawing workshop for Mother's Day. Participants learned basic drawing skills and special techniques for travel drawing, resulting in fantastic outcomes. They gave us glowing 5-star reviews!

Westfield Hurstville

University of Sydney Union

We've hosted dessert-making workshops for Sydney University students, where they crafted cute animal-shaped treats and indulged in tasting them right away. Students also expressed their creativity by designing their own desserts.


Explore your artistic side with our engaging university activities!

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